The Change We Need In The World.

The World Economy need change of status quo.
Its no more eras of appointing,consensus of unmeritous candidate for International Finance Institution(World Bank,
The recently conducted election in the World Bank where we have:The favorite nominee(Jim Young Kim)&two other nominees(Antonio Ocampo&Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala).
The endorsements of Ms Ngozi by the World Economist,Financial Times,New York Times&e.t.c. attested to Dr Ngozi as the highly qualified person for President of the World Bank.
The winner J.Young Kim who was consensus candidate of US&Europe nations.leaves one with no hope in the west dominated power of imposesment&apointment of candidate.
The western nations should have allow merited&most qualified candidate to become the next leader of the W’Bank.
The theory of meritocracy suggests that opening up the leadership ranks of global economy institution perform at superior levels.
The west nations should confers advantages on people base on their achievements in the field rather than tribes or nationalities.
The develop nations should practice what they are preaching to developing nations;Transparency,&Accountability&e.t.c.
The World economy need change in the way finances & resources is managed and governed for better world.
Goodday& Happy Friday.

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