The God of gods.

And the Lord appeared unto PEP the leader of the barcelonaites and said to him ” I am thy Lord and God son , the One that gave numerous victories to you over thine arch enemies the madridistalites, i put thine enemies of the outer kingdoms to shame and gave you dominion over thine enemies there, the manchesterites tremble at thine nameand the Arsenalites , bayernites and chelsites could not stand you, But instead of worshiping me and giving me all the praise you have decided to worship a mere mortal like yourself called Messinides, now listen oh pep of barcelonaites I the Lord thy God will bring you down, i will bring shame to your house, i will give victories upon victories to your arch enemies the madristalites they will crush you in the battle field and then come into your home to rape and plunder, they will cart away thine glories and you will be put through the sword. Thine enemies in the outer kingdoms will hear of your fall and jeer at you, they themselves will come and see how the mighty has fallen cos they depended on men and not I their God, I will give the chelsites a great man called Torressite who will lead them into thine land to plunder whatever is left of thine fields and treasuries they will loot with careless abandon. Your gods the messinides, xavinus and iniestatites will weep likewomen whose husband has been taken to the great beyond and they will cry out to me but i will turn my ears from thy cries and make them know who is Lord indeed.

The God of Chelsea has done it.
Chelsea Fc the new European Champion 2012.
Thank you LORD GOD for your faithfullnes that endureth forever.You let us prevailed over the favourites&the giant’s.

Up Blues!
Up Drogba!!
Up Chelsea Fc!!!

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The Nigeria 13th Year Democracy Day Celebration

Happy 13th Year Democracy Day Celebration to Nigeria & Nigerian.

The Nigeria
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) announced that University of Lagos will be rename after Democracy Martyrdom.
The said winner of June 12,1993 nullified Presidential Election of 1993;Chief M.K.O Abiola as:-Moshood Abiola University,Lagos-Nigeria.

The selfless man,humble,change&hopeful leader.
May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace!!!

May peace of God which passes all understanding keep our minds & hearts in the knowledge of God the Father,Son&Holy Spirit.

“Supernatural Peace”

Phil 4:7 “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Today’s promise is supernatural peace. In a world tossed and troubled on every side, we all need Peace from above. Remember that anything from above (Heaven) is above all, therefore the Peace you receive today will be far above any challenge the enemy may throw at you!

In Jesus Name, I declare that I have peace, even in the midst of the storm. My life shall not be rocked; I shall not fall to fear and doubt. The Anchor of my soul will preserve my peace. So shall it be.
Amen In Jesus Name!!!

Let live in love,unity & peace with one another in respectful of colour,state/city,nation& continent.
Make the change you can wherever you find yourself.

Thank You
Olatomiwa Martins