“Natural Disaster in Nigeria”


Pls, read & pass along…….

The floods visited on Nigeria by nature have caused
untold human suffering and sitting down in cities
far away from the disaster it is not so easy to
understand the deep human suffering that is
ongoing but know that this is the worst disaster
that has befallen Nigeria since the Civil War! I tell
you that whole towns have been submerged and
there are people who have not eaten for days. Now,
with floods come diseases. And we must help. If
you live in Nigeria and can donate relief materials, I
will arrange to have them transported to the
victims. Please send materials to Pat’s Nigeria Flood
Relief Effort-6 Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria
Island, Lagos. For those living in North America,
please send to 660 Shrewsbury Drive, Clarkson,
Michigan, MI 48348. For those living in Europe an
address will be supplied in due course. Even if you
have nothing to give, at least share this message.
Don’t just comment and stop there. Share this
message with all your friends till it reaches
someone who has a little to give. God bless you as
you remember those in need.
Pat Utomi.

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Healthy Life

    Thank you Lord God ,for this marvelous and gracious day.
    You are favoured,honoured ,&secured this &everyday in Jesus Mighty Name.
    Good day pal & peep!!!
    “Happy World Egg Day”
    Egg is the one of the cheapest source of protein,its highly nutritious & delicious meal.
    I consumes it & I likes it.
    Have a joyous day !!!

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