With gratitude 2 God,the Almighty Father,Me[Adesulu,Olatomiwa M.] expresses my profound gratitude to friends & well-wishers for prayer,&greeting during my b’day celebration yesterday, 22nd,Nov.
Also to all that graced the celebration,
I am grateful. May God Almighty,bless U& be with U now & forever.
May U be celebrated, favoured& honoured henceforth& always.
In Jesus Mighty Name!!!

CELEBRANT’ «««Olatomiwa Martins.»»»

Good Day Pal!!!

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“My Club Ninth Manager in Nine Years.”

Benitez confirmed as new Chelsea boss
The 52-year-old former Liverpool and Inter manager takes charge of the Blues until the end of the season following the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo on Wednesday morning.
But is he the messiah ?
After five years spell at Liverpool and few months at San-Siro (Inter- Milan) before sacked because of this same issues that Di Matteo was dismissed for.
Its time that will tell.
Goodluck to the new manager and the players.

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“Natural Disaster in Nigeria”


Pls, read & pass along…….

The floods visited on Nigeria by nature have caused
untold human suffering and sitting down in cities
far away from the disaster it is not so easy to
understand the deep human suffering that is
ongoing but know that this is the worst disaster
that has befallen Nigeria since the Civil War! I tell
you that whole towns have been submerged and
there are people who have not eaten for days. Now,
with floods come diseases. And we must help. If
you live in Nigeria and can donate relief materials, I
will arrange to have them transported to the
victims. Please send materials to Pat’s Nigeria Flood
Relief Effort-6 Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria
Island, Lagos. For those living in North America,
please send to 660 Shrewsbury Drive, Clarkson,
Michigan, MI 48348. For those living in Europe an
address will be supplied in due course. Even if you
have nothing to give, at least share this message.
Don’t just comment and stop there. Share this
message with all your friends till it reaches
someone who has a little to give. God bless you as
you remember those in need.
Pat Utomi.

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Healthy Life

    Thank you Lord God ,for this marvelous and gracious day.
    You are favoured,honoured ,&secured this &everyday in Jesus Mighty Name.
    Good day pal & peep!!!
    “Happy World Egg Day”
    Egg is the one of the cheapest source of protein,its highly nutritious & delicious meal.
    I consumes it & I likes it.
    Have a joyous day !!!

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Coronation and Celebration of Olympian Hero and Legend of 21st Century.

America’s greatest swimmer and Olympics record breaker:

Michael Phelps 27 years old from Baltimore claims ultimate Olympic record with 19th medals
4yrs after he reached the peak of Olympic achievement, M. Phelps took the last step he needed to reach the needed result.

The greatest swimmer became the most decorated Olympian of all time when he won a record of19th Olympic medals at the London Games on Tuesday 31st July.

With a little assist from his fellow countrymen and friend,M.Phelps won his first gold medal in London in the 4×200 meters freestyle less than an hour after a shock defeat in the 200 butterfly, an event he has dominated for over a decade since Sydney 2004 olympic.

His team mates threw their arms around him and the crowd at London’s Aquatic Centre rose to their feet to witness the coronation of the Olympic king of our generation.

The record Phelps broke yesterday was held by Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina,who won the last of her 18th Olympic medal at Tokyo in 1964 of over four decades.

Michael Phelps surfaced, and became the all time “King of Olympics” He’s new record holder and breaker of olympics.
”Congrat’ to you King Michael Phelps”.

Best Regards,
Olatomiwa Martins.

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God is good have in Him


Lord, I CHOOSE to have faith today, no matter how I feel. I CHOOSE to believe what Your Word says, despite what I see with my eyes. Please help me to keep my focus on You, not my feelings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Good Am & Pm!
Pal & Peep!!!
Put ur faith to action.
Have a cheerful & good news wkend.

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The God of gods.

And the Lord appeared unto PEP the leader of the barcelonaites and said to him ” I am thy Lord and God son , the One that gave numerous victories to you over thine arch enemies the madridistalites, i put thine enemies of the outer kingdoms to shame and gave you dominion over thine enemies there, the manchesterites tremble at thine nameand the Arsenalites , bayernites and chelsites could not stand you, But instead of worshiping me and giving me all the praise you have decided to worship a mere mortal like yourself called Messinides, now listen oh pep of barcelonaites I the Lord thy God will bring you down, i will bring shame to your house, i will give victories upon victories to your arch enemies the madristalites they will crush you in the battle field and then come into your home to rape and plunder, they will cart away thine glories and you will be put through the sword. Thine enemies in the outer kingdoms will hear of your fall and jeer at you, they themselves will come and see how the mighty has fallen cos they depended on men and not I their God, I will give the chelsites a great man called Torressite who will lead them into thine land to plunder whatever is left of thine fields and treasuries they will loot with careless abandon. Your gods the messinides, xavinus and iniestatites will weep likewomen whose husband has been taken to the great beyond and they will cry out to me but i will turn my ears from thy cries and make them know who is Lord indeed.

The God of Chelsea has done it.
Chelsea Fc the new European Champion 2012.
Thank you LORD GOD for your faithfullnes that endureth forever.You let us prevailed over the favourites&the giant’s.

Up Blues!
Up Drogba!!
Up Chelsea Fc!!!

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